Ethical. Sustainable. Innovative. 

Set up in 2020, NanoCast Studio is a small social enterprise, based in Cardiff, that supports LGBTQ+ charities through the sale of cast products. We are part of the start up NanoCast System™, which is developing new, eco-friendly casting materials and will be launched later this year. 

For now, please enjoy our wares and know that your money is supporting our choosen charity, Rainbow Railroad, that helps remove at risk LGBTQ+ individuals from countries where they are in danger. For more information please visit their website.

Follow and tag us on social media: @nanocaststudio.

Our Ethical Policy and Future Aims

The aims of NanoCast™ are to promote and fund underrepresented artist's and designer's projects, to provide arts resources, to raise funds for LGBTQ+ causes and to improve the ecological impact and sustainability of arts materials and result in a material positive impact on society and the environment. In simple terms, we endeavour to improve, year on year, the sustainability of our material sources and the impact of our activities on the environment becoming carbon neutral or negative. Whilst we work towards this goal we are over-offsetting our carbon footprint by funding the planting of new trees. Our eventual aims are to set up a fund to help underrepresented and less privileged artists and designers to sustain their careers, provide arts education to local schools whilst helping the LGBTQ+ community through charities like our choosen partner charity Rainbow Railroad.